Dometic Midi HEKI Style Roof Vent

Dometic Midi HEKI Style Roof Vent

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This Dometic Midi Heki Style is an advanced verion of Dometic's mid-sized roof vents.  It features a newly designed dome with double acrylic glazing for enhanced insulation and better visual integration.  With its improved design, the Midi Heki Style is both easier to clean and generates up to 20% (3dB) less noise thanks to improved aerodynamics.  An inner frame with separtely adjustable darkening blind and fly screen conveniently keep sunlight and insects out of the vehicle.  This roof vent is supplied with lever and without forced ventilation.  Size: 700 x 500 mm.  Colour : White.  Weight : 8.2 kg.


Product Depth : 617 mm

Product Width : 846 mm

Ordered Width : 700 mm

Ordered Height : 500 mm

Opening Width : 585 mm

Opening Height : 404 mm

Standard Mount. Material thickness 1 min : 30 mm

Standard Mount Material thickness 1 max : 34 mm

Possible Material Thickness 1 min : 25 mm

Possible Material Thickness 1 max : 29 mm

Cut out Width : 500 mm